kids playing the guitar

The Magic of Music: Easing Pandemic Stress and Anxiety

The coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected our routine, lifestyle, and relationships. Some employees needed to start working from home, while students had to transition to digital learning. Stress and anxiety rose not only because of the fear of being infected but also because of loneliness and drastic changes. As the pandemic continues to escalate, we

Kid running on a basketball court

How to Keep the Athletes in Your Family Fit and Active during Quarantine

The global pandemic has largely affected the world of fitness and sports. Sports competitions and events usually being held at school or your local sports centers have been canceled. Meanwhile, athletes and kids who indulge in sports activities are forced to stay home and participate in social distancing. With the current circumstances, staying active is

dog playing

How a Pet Dog Can Help Your Child Develop Better EQ

For the longest time, dogs have fascinated man. So much, it’s hard to find a neighborhood without a pet dog running in the backyard sometimes on a leash. While experts detail these domesticated dogs are actually a descendant of the wild wolves of long ago, we put our faith in our dogs. For many Americans,

plastic on land

Effects of Land Pollution on Kids and What Can Be Done to Help?

It’s sad to note that we are polluting Mother Earth. It’s unthinkable that certain measures we are doing are actually causing the place we live a lot of harm. Making it a less viable place to be. But that’s never the way forward. To note, we should be here for the longest haul possible. And


Different types of braces

Many people choose braces in St John’s Wood to help improve their smile, and it could be the option for you. There are a few different types of braces, which is an advantage as it means there are more options for you to choose from depending on your dental health, price range and other preferences.

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