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How to Prepare for a Great Backyard Barbecue

With summer coming up, it’s a good time to dust off the barbecue and bring out your trusty tongs. You and your family members can look forward to afternoons and evenings of ice-cold drinks enjoyed with tasty, grilled or smoked meats. Here are some tips to make sure your backyard barbecue goes smoothly: Ready the

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Taking Plastic Away from Oceans

Plastic has been part of our lives as consumers. From the moment we take a shower in the morning up to doing our evening routine right before we hit the sack, we are heavily consuming plastic products. The world’s plastic consumption has gone haywire, so much so that people can’t imagine a world without it.

Five Upgrades for a Modern Home

In the contemporary era, convenience is king. Phones, computers, and even homes can now do things that were unthinkable years ago. Minor work and installations can save you time, give more space, and cut down utility costs. If you’re looking to update your house, you’re in the right place. Check out these five upgrades fit

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Why DIY? 10 Reasons Why DIY-ing is Awesome

Since we’re all confined within the four walls of our homes as we practice self-isolation and social distancing, perhaps you might want to consider learning how to DIY things at home. Beyond the satisfaction that you get when you buy power tools online and create something with your hands, DIY-ing offers a lot of benefits

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Lockdown Chowdown: Top Trending Eats Folks are Cooking at Home

As expected, this lockdown season has caused a lot of people to spend more time in the kitchen. People all over social media have been posting status updates, tweets, and photos of home-cooked dishes that took them hours to prepare in the kitchen. Whether it’s a new skill, a resurrected interest, or just part of

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4 Basic Tips to Set Up an Ergonomic Work Station at Home

Because of the social distancing and quarantine regulations, everyone is advised to stay home. Office work has been suspended and employees are being asked to work from home. Especially for those who have been working in an office their whole lives, it might have been difficult to adjust. Admittedly, working at home can be less

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