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4 Practical Ways to Ensure the Security of Your Home When Away on a Trip

The feeling of coming home after a memorable vacation only to find that your house has been broken into is shattering. The feeling is even worse if the burglars have made away with important documents that may be difficult to replace. Depending on the nature of the burglary, you may find it difficult to continue

3 Tips to Consider When Planning a Wedding

One of the most important days in couples’ lives is their wedding day. There is a lot of planning that takes place to ensure that the day is memorable. It is overwhelming to plan a wedding because there are a lot of things to be considered. One wrong decision and the whole wedding can be

How to Nail the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

Congratulations on your engagement! You’re probably itching to take a selfie of that gorgeous engagement ring your fiancé got from one of the most well-known jewellery shops in Hatton Garden no less. However, you might also be thinking that taking that mandatory engagement ring selfie or ringfie is so last year and expected, right? No.

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Make No Mistake: 3 Biggest Proposal Blunders You Shouldn’t Do

Millions of proposal videos and countless pieces of advice on how to pop the question circulate online, but many people still make mistakes when committing to this notable milestone in their lives. In some instances, the blunders can be laughed off. In other cases, the result is rather tragic: someone walking away while the other

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Getting Your Home Ready for the Holiday Season – 5 Decoration Ideas to Try

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. Once the holiday season kicks in, there’s no better way to channel the festive vibe of this occasion than through your home’s decoration. As it gets closer, you’re probably searching for ideas in dressing up your place. To give you some inspirations, below are some easy,

Go Green: Living Near Green Spaces Makes You Healthier

Green spaces are aesthetically pleasing. From sprawling parks to backyard gardens, these outdoor spaces are always a delight to look at—more specifically, a comfortable sight to look at. Apparently, however, these are not just visual feasts. They can also make a huge impact on your physical and mental health. For years, lots of studies showed