Underground parking lot

How to Improve Your Establishment’s Parking Lot

With cars still being the preferred mode of transportation in Kansas City and throughout the country, every single commercial establishment is expected to have a parking lot nearby where visitors can park their vehicles. Not having a parking lot — or even having one that is dilapidated and in disrepair — can be a major

kids playing

Start ‘Em Young: 3 Life Skills Your Child Should Learn at an Early Age

A lot of parents mistakenly think that children can only learn and understand life skills once they reach high school. As a result, there’s not much intentional ‘training’ happening at the early years of a kid. Most moms would ‘baby’ their children even though they’re at the third, fourth grade already, making these youngsters so

job hunting

Real Talk: Why Exactly Do Millennials Leave Their Jobs?

The most popular misconception about millennial employees is that they don’t have loyalty. As soon as they see the greener grass on the other side, they’ll jump into it, going after the fatter paycheck and cool benefits. But the truth is, job-hopping for millennials isn’t so much about loyalty. It’s just a simple case of

Financing a Renovation with a Personal Loan: Does It Makes Sense?

Personal loans are some of the most popular sources of funds for home improvement in the Beehive State. They do not require any collateral, so you do not have to borrow against any asset you own when you take out one. However, the lack of security makes a personal loan a bit more expensive due

Writing a blog

Small Business Ideas You Could Try on Your Own

You may already be enjoying your full-time job. But there’s no harm with exploring your options more and having a side business to grow your interests more – and possibly your income. Finding a new type of “hobby” and turning it into something more can help you realize that it would be more important and

View of an outdoor room of a modern home

Outdoor Options: Ways to Extend Your Living Space

No matter how cozy and comfortable we make the rooms inside our house, there’s really no substitute for the warm sun, fresh air, and cool wind that only the outdoors can offer. Which is why, if you’re looking to extend your home’s living space, why not think out of the box? Specifically, think outdoors? As

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