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Pandemic Burnout at Home: Is It Real?

We all feel burned out at one point or another. Juggling different responsibilities at the same time can take a toll on anyone. Multi-tasking is good, but too much of it can stress both the mind and the body. When you were working in the office and the kids went to school, everything was dandy.

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Seven Time Management Strategies For Work-Study Program Students

Being in a work-study program is far from easy. If you want to balance your time for work, school, and your personal life, here are some of the best time management strategies that you can use. Managing your time between work and school is far from easy, but never impossible. Whether you are taking a

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What Should You Avoid When Improving Air Quality at Home?

Have you ever asked yourself how many hours you spend indoors? Including outgoing people who want to take in all the wonders of the world, 80 to 90% of people stay indoors for an average of 20 hours a day. This is especially true nowadays since authorities worldwide have been encouraging individuals to stay home in


Where to Look for Things When You Can’t Find Them Anywhere

Everyone has had those times when they’re looking for something but can’t find them anywhere. They’re sure we’ve placed them somewhere. They’re just not sure where. After searching the entire house, the thing still can’t be found. Then, weeks later when you no longer need the item, you find it in the weirdest place possible.

Keeping Your Kids Cool In The Summer Heat

The arrival of summer often means that you have to deal with unbearable heat. While you would be able to handle it, you need to look out for your kids, too. Most parents want to protect their children from dehydration and heatstroke, so they want to keep them cool when the mercury rises. Here are

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