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Building a Home: Lesser Known Strategies to Embrace

When building a home, poor planning and insufficient budgeting can lead to some expensive mistakes, delaying the process and leaving hefty dents in your finances. That’s why when building a new home, look at it from different angles and take the time to consult with a professional in the industry. Besides thorough planning and professional


How to Prepare the Family for an International Move

It can be exciting to move to a new home with your family, especially when going to live in another country. Work reasons or greener pastures could encourage you to make the critical decision, but you will find that the process will put you and your family on a challenging path. Adults will take on

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The Magic of Music: Easing Pandemic Stress and Anxiety

The coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected our routine, lifestyle, and relationships. Some employees needed to start working from home, while students had to transition to digital learning. Stress and anxiety rose not only because of the fear of being infected but also because of loneliness and drastic changes. As the pandemic continues to escalate, we

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How to Keep the Athletes in Your Family Fit and Active during Quarantine

The global pandemic has largely affected the world of fitness and sports. Sports competitions and events usually being held at school or your local sports centers have been canceled. Meanwhile, athletes and kids who indulge in sports activities are forced to stay home and participate in social distancing. With the current circumstances, staying active is

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How a Pet Dog Can Help Your Child Develop Better EQ

For the longest time, dogs have fascinated man. So much, it’s hard to find a neighborhood without a pet dog running in the backyard sometimes on a leash. While experts detail these domesticated dogs are actually a descendant of the wild wolves of long ago, we put our faith in our dogs. For many Americans,

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