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Household Technologies that Improve Our Quality of Life

You’ve probably learned from the movies that in the future, robots would rise, take over the entire world, and control humanity. While we’re all entitled to our own beliefs, we’d like to go against the grain and make a correction. Robots are already here. Hold up. Before you start packing your emergency kits and hiding

Easy DIY Projects for the Bored Homeowner

Your home can never be too comfortable. There is always something you can fix, add, or upgrade to make your daily life easier. Doing it yourself is a great way to pass the time, teach your kids some new skills, and save some money. Make sure to consult an electrician and hire them to handle

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Green Innovations to Invest in for Your Home

Global warming, greenhouse emission gases, severe pollution, and illness are all tell-tale signs of a deteriorating world. That’s the reason everyone should do their part and make some changes in their lives that are green and environmentally-friendly. So, when you’re renovating or remodeling your home, why not take advantage of the moment and invest in

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How to Help Your Child Go Through a Doctor’s Appointment

No child (or adult) would be thrilled to go to the doctor. However, some kids are just petrified with the thought of a doctor’s appointment. This is not unusual as kids are hard-wired not to trust an unfamiliar person. This aversion intensifies with the chance that they might get scary treatments like an injection. This

Back to the Future: Nostalgic Home Designs That Will Probably Make a Comeback

The future of homes is not so hard to imagine. Living in an age where motion-sensor faucets exist, we are already experiencing the magic of the smart home. Actually, from Egypt having the first copper pipes as early as 2500 BC, to the White House getting its first plumbing service only in 1833, it’s fairly recent when

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5 Tech Tools to Lower Your Monthly Power Bills

Aside from calling in your trusted local professional licensed electrician to maintain and check your electrical system for energy-guzzling components, you can do other things to help cut your monthly energy consumption. For one, you can start modifying your behavior regarding electricity such as avoiding frequent use of the microwave oven, iron, and other high-energy

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