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A Step-by-Step Guide to Grieving Well

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we never know what tomorrow can bring. This year has shown us that no matter how good our life gets, the reality is that nothing is promised to us. We could be rejoicing over career advancement, only to lose a stream of income to an economic downturn.

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Let It Snow: A Guide to Delightful Comfort in Frightful Weather

The winter months can get pretty harsh, so it’s a good idea to make sure that your family is ready for them. It’s not as hard to weather the cold nowadays, though a few tweaks here and there will go a long way to feeling nice and cozy when the snow comes. Plus, making the

bedroom interior design

Interior Decorating Saves: Make Your Carpet Your Design Savior

Almost every property owner nowadays wants the best-looking interiors. Everyone wants their guests to admire their home not only for their landscaping but also for the interior design. Though many people might consider details such as furnishings and decor as vital, the most compelling elements will always depend on the basics: your walls and your

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What Kind of Non-Tech Activities Should You Expose Your Kids To?

Aren’t kids moodier and crankier these days? Isn’t this generation of toddlers easily bored, stressed out, and inattentive. You hear the stories every day and you wonder what made these kids so different from your generation. Why can’t they focus on one task? Why are they so disinterested in everything except their gadgets? Pediatricians said

Kids playing

On Lockdown: 3 Suggestions for Helping Your Kids Fend Off Boredom

A few months into this COVID-19 pandemic, many of you moms out there are most likely at your wit’s end trying to keep your kids from going crazy from boredom at home. And most of the time, you probably leave them alone with their smartphones, tablets, and game consoles to keep them occupied. Well, this

using the microscope

Culturing Microbes: Why Is It Relevant Today?

For thousands of years, ancient tribespeople would attribute sickness to evil spirits and omens. But as time went by, people would start having suspicions that diseases were not caused by superstitious souls but were caused by tiny creatures that would live through our bodies. During medieval times, the black plague saw radical changes in how

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