backup generator

Emergency Power Supply: How Prepared Are You?

As the effects of climate change worsen, extreme weather conditions are expected to happen. Heat waves will get more intense and rainstorms will occur more frequently. These and more increase the possibility of large-scale power outages across the country. Being ill-prepared exposes you and your family to risks that endanger your health and safety. Preparing

bride and groom

Do Rich People Only Marry for Business, Wealth, and Power?

On rare occasions when we’re given a sneak peek to the personal lives of rich people, we may commonly find that many of them are married to someone from the same social class. And we’re not talking about Hollywood stars here; we mean businesspeople, those with billion-dollar net worth but would rather stay low-key. Many

Green office

New Year, New Predictions: How to Make Sense of 2020 Design Predictions

It happens every new year: come January, every single design blog out there releases its predictions for design trends in 2020. If you read enough of those every year, one thing is clear: nobody has any idea what exactly 2020 will bring in terms of design. Looking Back: 2019 Design First, a recap of what

cleaning the floor

Why You Should Hire a Professional Home Cleaner Regularly

A clean home is a healthy home. What is the biggest stressor in your home life? Is it your toddler who only wants to eat spaghetti? Most of the biggest stressors are the pile of papers that need to be sorted, the dirty bathroom, the laundry, and the kitchen countertop that you need to scrub.


Why Temp Drivers are Good for Commercial Transport Businesses

If you own or operate a commercial transport business, you’d know that it’s harder to find great drivers than maintaining a good running vehicle. When vehicles break down, you can just have them towed, repaired, or even overhauled. When drivers get sick, go on extended vacations, or simply don’t show up, you can’t do anything

DIY Wood glue

The DIY-ers Guide to Wood Glue

The wood glue you use can make or break your project, but with so many options out there, how exactly do you choose one? Here is your simple and handy guide to wood glue: Polyurethane Polyurethane glue is an expanding wood glue. When applied, it can grow up to three times its starting volume and fill uneven joints or

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