Home with stone siding

How Much Should You Spend on Stone Siding per Square Foot?

Stone siding requires a hefty upfront investment among homeowners, especially if they plan on using a real solid stone, which costs $42 per square foot. On average, you should expect to spend from $35 and $50 per square foot for installing stone siding on your home’s exterior. While the price of materials mostly determines the

Adult party with friends

Adults Just Wanna Have Fun: Birthday Parties for Big Girls and Boys`

Once you’ve reached a certain age, birthday celebrations start to feel like seasons. Some we welcome with open arms and much enthusiasm, while others might take some getting used to. However, even if the number of candles needed no longer fits on the cake, you still have every reason to have fun and celebrate. Do


Bed Matters: The Proper Way to Take Care of Your Sheets

With the resultant studies that relate the quality of sleep that one gets affects the life of a person directly, more people are taking the subject of buying quality bamboo sheets and other bedding seriously. However, that is not the end; one should take care of their beddings well to ensure they serve them well

Sharped dressed man wearing a jacket and bowtie

Great Grooming Guidelines for the Career-oriented Gentleman

Self-improvement never stops even if your current career is starting to become more and more demanding. As your profession becomes more time-consuming, taking care of yourself may be close to the end of your to-do list. But what people don’t realize is that the higher your position is, the more eyes are focused on you.

Different shapes of diamonds

The Dazzling History Behind the World’s Most Precious Stone

Diamonds are the most expensive and coveted stones on Earth, but not many people know about their history. The radiant stones we see behind guarded glass cases in jewellery stores and museums are often millions of years old and will outlast every onlooker enchanted by their beauty — but when did this fascination begin? Why

customer in the salon taking selfie with her hairdresser

Hairdressing Tools You Need to Have

Hairdressing is a skill like any other, though many people don’t view it as highly as some other skills. But with the right tools, a good hairdresser can transform someone completely. Whether you are pursuing a profession in this field or find it fascinating, to do anything in it requires that you have a complete