reserved table at a restaurant

Private Dining: A New Tradition With Friends

Hosting a private dinner at home is not a new concept. However, more and more people find themselves hosting and participating in this type of social gathering. Those who partake usually involve a group with similar hobbies and interest or friends who need the means to catch up regularly. There is no single template on

Concrete wall

Maintenance Talk: Sealing the Concrete in Your Home

If you own a house, it is likely that concrete is one of the main materials used for its construction. Well, that’s because concrete is one of the most durable and common manmade materials on Earth. Being among the most essential and extensively used material, there would be no solid foundations for buildings, bridges, sidewalks,

Health and Convenience Drive the Demand for Smoothies and Juice Bars

Whether you’re looking to expand a restaurant or begin a lemonade stand, there’s one kitchen equipment you should have: commercial bar blender. More Brits are not only drinking juices and smoothies—they want healthier options, too. How Popular Are Smoothie and Juice Bars? For a restaurant, a juice or smoothie bar can comprise only a small percentage

Underground parking lot

How to Improve Your Establishment’s Parking Lot

With cars still being the preferred mode of transportation in Kansas City and throughout the country, every single commercial establishment is expected to have a parking lot nearby where visitors can park their vehicles. Not having a parking lot — or even having one that is dilapidated and in disrepair — can be a major

kids playing

Start ‘Em Young: 3 Life Skills Your Child Should Learn at an Early Age

A lot of parents mistakenly think that children can only learn and understand life skills once they reach high school. As a result, there’s not much intentional ‘training’ happening at the early years of a kid. Most moms would ‘baby’ their children even though they’re at the third, fourth grade already, making these youngsters so

job hunting

Real Talk: Why Exactly Do Millennials Leave Their Jobs?

The most popular misconception about millennial employees is that they don’t have loyalty. As soon as they see the greener grass on the other side, they’ll jump into it, going after the fatter paycheck and cool benefits. But the truth is, job-hopping for millennials isn’t so much about loyalty. It’s just a simple case of

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