Meet Our Family

Times are changing, and so is the definition of a family and how we raise our children. We want our children to be happy and healthy and grow up well-adjusted to their surroundings. No parents are perfect, nor is there a perfect way of raising our children. We’re all doing the best we can, but who says we can’t have a little bit of help?
Happy Knits is a community of parents sharing their tips for better parenting. We include parents of all ages, walks of life, and backgrounds. Whether you’re a parent raising a child in a busy city or a single parents who prefers the quiet life of the suburbs, there are people here who can help you find ways to improve or adjust your parenting to your child’s needs.

Jill C. Waverly

When she’s not working as a senior business executive, Jill is the president of her son’s school’s Parent-Teacher Association, where she’s been leading as president for over five years.

She and her husband have done a great job raising their son into the well-adjust boy he is today, despite the stigma against working mothers. She believes in open communication with her son and treats him and all her sons friends with the same level of kindness each time they walk through the door.
Eden Matthias​

Eden Matthias

Step-parent to two beautiful and intelligent daughters who she helped raise since they were children but are now all grown up. With one currently studying for her college applications and one studying four states away, Eden fills up her additional free time by fishing with her husband, writing and editing Happy Knits, and helping other parents however she can.

Eden is a psychologist specializing with children and teenagers. While she admittedly struggles with cooking, she makes up for it by being an open ear for her family and avoiding practices that could destroy her children’s self-esteem.

Fernanda Simone-Darnley

Single mother to a wonderful child named Michael. When her husband died, Fernanda was devastated and wondered how she could raise her son alone. Through sheer will and determination, she’s recovered from her grief and successful made a home environment for her son.

Despite her past and her accomplishments, Fernanda knows there is a stigma for single parents like her, and she wants to write articles toward fellow single parents who struggle to be twice the parent for their children.